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Social Enterprise Development

Youth Mentorship

Young people in Africa have creative ideas, but many lack  a environment where they can express themselves or see the realization of these ideas trapped within. Others have worked on their ideas however lack the knowledge of getting to the next level.

This is where Design For Charity comes to ensure that these young people are able to fully express who they are, what they want to do and how they can reach their potential.

We do this in various ways:

  • Direct mentorship of the young people through connecting them to mentors in their field of interest.
  • Through training workshops.
  • Through motivational school talks.
  • Through focused group discussions and small group sharing, young people hear from each other.
  • Through games and team building activities, young people come up with solutions to some of their live challenges


At Design for Charity, we engage with our clients to capture their memorable events in life. Our team of professional photographers captures events; wedding, birthdays, baptism, seminars…all kinds of photography. etc. However we also work with organizational monitoring and evaluation teams to capture images of the field captivities they do, these can be used on their website, reports as well as for record keeping.

For more of our Photography works, visit our Facebook page for more photography albums:

Web & Graphic Design

With over six years of experience in Web and Multimedia development in Uganda, Design for Charity brings a wide range of information technology services. Today Design For Charity consists of a team of professional web architects, making unique corporate websites that are of world class experience for web visitors.

The company’s expertise is interlinking software packages with the actual work flow and implementation. We provide excellent user friendliness and user training in how to manage your website.

The design department has an eye and strong focus on making sure your representation on the web is stylish, modern and creative, where clear communication of your services / activity to your clients is of key importance.

Let your potential customers and site visitors experience the luxury of your products / services, your high quality standards or your fantastic customer service online.

Social Media Marketing

Do you need help getting started with your social media marketing strategy or you would want to save yourself a bunch of stress and time?

Design for charity is ready to assist in coordinating marketing effort to reinforce or assist with your business goal using one or more social media platforms, to help you successfully connect with your customers or target market.